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Codeigniter is an open-source and lightweight PHP framework. It is a powerful framework for software developers to build dynasmic and instinctive web applications. Developers use it to build elegant websites and web applications rapidly. Codeigniter helps in reducing the effort needed for writing complex code and allows the developer to focus creatively on the web application.

At Codeigniter India, we have a talented team of developers with the latest skills in code libraries that help us in delivering outstanding and secure web applications. With our experience in delivering Codeigniter applications across multiple domains, we are ready to accept any complex project. We develop corporate website, professional website and a business portal for our clients. You just tell us your requirements and we will build that application for you.

Why Codeigniter Framework is a Perfect Solution for Web Application Development?

Codeigniter is a secure, user-friendly, and easy to customize PHP framework, which gives developers the freedom to implement the latest tools and techniques for web application development. It supports multi-browser and device responsive applications, ensuring the top-class user experience.


It is simple and easy to deploy framework. Developers enjoy working with its user-friendly interface and develop secure as well as flexible web applications.

High-PerformanceHigh Performance

It is a scalable and high-performance framework that guarantees feature-rich and reactive web applications. Users like smooth working web applications.

SEO-FriendlyGenerate SEO-Friendly URLs

URLs generated by Codeigniter framework are search engine friendly. This helps in the better ranking of web applications and drive quality visitors.

Built-in-LibrariesBuilt-in Libraries

It comes with full packet libraries that enable all the web needed tasks like database, form validation, sending an email, manipulating images, sending emails, etc.

High-Standard-SecurityHigh Standard Security

The security tools are already built-in making web application development a secure process. It hosts several security standards like cookie encryption and data handling.

Community-SupportCommunity Support

URLs generated by Codeigniter framework are search engine friendly. This helps in the better ranking of web applications and drive quality visitors.

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Why Codeigniter India is Your Perfect Web Application Development Partner?

We develop front-end and back-end web applications using Codeigniter Framework. Our cutting-edge development process and latest knowledge of Code Igniter help us to come up with innovative solutions. You may want to hire our development services as we assure:

  • Flexible development model
  • High-standard in every phase of development
  • Easy to customize web application services
  • Work to provide 100% client satisfaction
  • Cost-effective solutions to meet every client requirement
  • Integration of rich code libraries for development work
  • Extended Support and maintenance services
  • Provide complete support after application deployment
  • Trouble-free integration of third-party tools & services
  • Testing & Quality Assurance at every development stage
Maintenance and Support

Hire Codeigniter Developer for Excellent Website Applications

Implementing the power of Codeigniter framework, our developers build value-added and ROI driven web applications. Our developers offer the following services:

  • Regular progress report of application development
  • Follow appropriate coding standards
  • Quick response via multiple communication channels
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • Time Support & Maintenance
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Industries We Serve

We offer the latest Codeigniter development services to the following industries.


Travel & Tourism

Real Estate

Health Care

Social community



Arts & Paintings



Our Strength

At Codeigniter India, we stand apart from our competitors as we focus on creating applications that are tailor-made for specific requirements and at the same time. harness the best that the framework has to offer.

Our Works

We prefer to maintain a lifelong business relationship with our clients, which more or less is based on the services provided to them or the way they greet us at the time of delivery. Some of our valuable clients are listed below

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does CodeIgniter compare to other PHP frameworks?
    CodeIgniter is a minimalist PHP framework that takes a simple approach to web development and has a limited environmental impact. CodeIgniter is superior to other PHP frameworks like Laravel and Symfony in terms of simplicity and speed, making it a great option for projects with less sophisticated requirements or smaller scopes.
  • What kinds of projects does CodeIgniter work best with?
    Small to medium-sized projects like web apps, content management systems, and e-commerce websites best suit CodeIgniter. It is also a wise decision for projects with simple objectives, a need for quick development, or low resources.
  • How secure is the CodeIgniter framework for web applications?
    CodeIgniter is generally considered a secure PHP framework for web applications because it has a built-in defense against common security risks like SQL injection and XSS attacks. To maintain the security of their applications, developers must still adhere to secure coding best practices and put in place suitable security measures, just like with any other web application framework.
  • Can I migrate my existing PHP application to the CodeIgniter framework?
    It is possible to switch a PHP program over to CodeIgniter. The program's intricacy and its adherence to accepted PHP coding standards will determine how much work is needed.
  • With CodeIgniter, how long does it take to develop a web application?
    The time it takes to create a web application with CodeIgniter depends on several variables, including the application's complexity, the size of the development team, and the developers' degree of expertise. CodeIgniter's clear and uncomplicated approach might result in shorter development times than other PHP frameworks.
  • What is the cost of hiring a CodeIgniter development company?
    The cost of hiring a CodeIgniter development business can vary depending on several elements, including the project's size and complexity, the team's level of experience, and the company's location. Rates often vary from $30 to $100 per hour.
  • What is the role of a CodeIgniter developer in a development team?
    A developer using the Codelgniter PHP framework to design, build, and maintain web applications is called a Codelgniter developer. They are responsible for writing trustworthy, dependable code that complies with project needs and industry standards.
  • Can I integrate third-party APIs and services with my CodeIgniter application?
    CodeIgniter-based applications can access external services and APIs. Due to CodeIgniter's support for numerous frameworks and technologies, using APIs and interacting with external services like payment processors, social networking sites, and email providers is simple.
  • How does CodeIgniter support SEO-friendly URLs and web practices?
    Developers may construct brief, simple-to-read URLs using CodeIgniter that are SEO-friendly and contain keywords pertinent to the content. Moreover, CodeIgniter offers tools to accelerate web pages and apply other SEO-recommended strategies.
  • What kind of support and maintenance can I expect from a CodeIgniter development company?
    The support and maintenance services a CodeIgniter development business provides can differ, but they frequently include bug fixes, security updates, and ongoing technical support. Some companies offer server management, website backups, and performance optimization services.
  • How does CodeIgniter's lightweight framework contribute to faster website loading times?
    CodeIgniter's lightweight framework contributes to webpages loading more quickly by using fewer system resources and processing HTTP requests more quickly. As a result, websites perform better and react faster.
  • What is MVC, and how does it relate to CodeIgniter?
    Model-View-Controller, or MVC, is a software design pattern that divides the data (model), the display (view), and the user interaction (controller) into discrete parts. The MVC paradigm is followed by CodeIgniter, which aids in writing well-organized, maintainable code.
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